Self storage Lublin box-storage

For individual clients – self storage Lublin

  • Box-storage – ul. Stefczyka 30 / 20-151

 Phone: 725 608 607

Our storages are perfect for:
• storing seasonal items: motorcycles, quads, water sports equipment
• storing furniture while moving or renovations
• storing clothes and personal belongings

Our advantages:
• Insurance
• 24/7 security and monitoring
• transport available: forklifts and trucks
• lots of specialized accessories
• a sorting room – a special room to pack one’s belongings.




40x40x60 cm spacious containers with a lock are offered by us. It is the cheapest and most convenient form of storage available on the market. Our containers are durable, safe, and can be used to store books, Cds, clothes, and documents.



Pallets are available to be rented for 1 day. It is one of the cheapest forms of storing a large number of items. We also store pallets belonging to our customers. We assure safety and care.



Self-service boxes with an area of 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 square meters are at our disposal. They are solid, with a strong and durable metal structure. Unlike containers and pallets, they are fully accessible. Boxes can be closed with their own padlocks and accessed only by the owner.